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Press Release: Corporations Fund the Center for American Progress’s Race-Baiting Tactics in Sessions AG Confirmation

January 11, 2017

Nashville, TN – 2ndVote Executive Director Lance Wray issued the following statement in response to the smear campaign surrounding the Attorney General confirmation hearings led by liberal Center for American Progress:

“It’s a shame that corporations continue to fund the Center for American Progress’s divisive rhetoric and attempts to make race an issue in the confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions. CAP has a troubling record of extreme left-wing advocacy, but is now running a smear campaign calling Senator Sessions ‘blatantly racist.’ “

“We want to know if companies like Walmart, Citi, and Microsoft, all who gave CAP over $100,000 each last year, support this incredibly irresponsible attempt to divide the country along racial lines. These companies should cease all funding for CAP because they are enabling this radical, and evidently, race-baiting organization to recklessly spread misinformation at a time when the country is setting a new course under new leadership.”

A list of some of CAP’s corporate sponsors can be found here.