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Protests Erupt in Texas Capitol over Law Banning ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Protesters interrupted proceedings on the final day in the Texas Legislature’s session over SB-4, a measure signed by Governor Greg Abbott just weeks ago that requires local governments to comply with federal immigration law. SB-4 is the first legislation of its kind at the state level and its passage effectively bans sanctuary cities.

While the new law is scheduled to go into effect September 1, it has been met with opponents vowing legal challenges to its implementation in court. Pro-immigration and sanctuary city groups have already begun attacking the legislation.

Not surprisingly, organizations like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Council for La Raza are showing the true intent of the liberal immigration agenda in their response. For La Raza, unlawful sanctuary cities aren’t enough; this liberal organization is lobbying for sanctuary policies across the board as indicated in this tweet. Furthermore, LULAC is already threatening lawsuits to keep these policies in place.

2nd Vote’s research highlights the companies that fund the efforts by La Raza and LULAC to undermine our national sovereignty and immigration laws. For example, Texas-based ExxonMobil and Shell are both LULAC corporate partners. Shell also sponsored the 2016 La Raza annual banquet.

Read 2nd Vote’s previous post about the details of the legislation here.

  • James Bryson

    Someone has to lead. Thank you Texas and especially Gov. Abbott!

  • 4Pip

    These people are not the only ones in this country. It’s crazy because half or more are illegal but think they have the right to tell us how our country should work. It is not the La Raza’s place to tell a country how to run it when most are illegal. Why don’t these people stay in Mexico and fight them to make it better? We like our country like it is with the Constitution the rule of law. When you go to someone else’s house you don’t tell them they are wrong,you will not be a guest any longer. That is the way this works too.

  • Spectrum

    Enforcing the law is now a radical move, according to the leftist loonies. If they won’t co-operate, call in the National Guard to stop them harbouring illegal aliens and criminals.

  • Rex Reed

    Ignore them, Texas. Do what is right.

  • We The People

    Sanctuary cities = lawless cities.