Sanctuary Cities Are At War With DOJ — Here Are Their Corporate Enablers

Sanctuary Cities Are At War With DOJ — Here Are Their Corporate Enablers

One of the simmering legal fights over the last 20 months has been the one between sanctuary cities and the Department of Justice. Despite the fact that illegal immigrants commit serious crimes more frequently than do U.S. citizens, cities like Philadelphia continue the dangerous policy of releasing violent illegal immigrants instead of turning them over to federal authorities.

Fox News has the latest on a rapist and others who have been released by Philadelphia:

The Trump administration is taking aim at Philadelphia’s political leaders for a string of crimes committed by immigrants the city released in defiance of Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests.

The Justice Department this week highlighted the case of child rapist Juan Ramon Vasquez, who just pleaded guilty to illegal re-entry.

The illegal immigrant from Honduras previously was in Philadelphia custody on local charges back in 2014. But when those charges were dropped a year later, city officials ignored an ICE detainer. Vasquez was later arrested and convicted for raping a child and unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Unfortunately, sanctuary cities aren’t acting alone. Their actions are supported by groups such as UnidosUS (formerly La Raza) and the Center for American Progress. And those groups can only support sanctuary cities because of their corporate backers.

This chain of support for lawbreaking must be halted. The Department of Justice continues to make its push on the legal front — it’s up to 2ndVote shoppers to hold corporate enablers accountable.

2ndVote’s research has found dozens of corporations donate to the Center for American Progress, Hispanic Federation, UnidoesUS, League of United Latin American Citizens, National Urban League, and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. All of these groups back sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. Below are several corporations which donate to two or more of these organizations:

Bank of America
HBO (Time Warner)
Jiffy Lube (Shell)
Universal Pictures (Comcast)
Marriott International

We urge you to let these companies know that they must stop letting criminals off the hook. Let them know that they should put victims above criminals, not the other way around — or they’ll lose your business.

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