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SB 1146: Hold Walmart Accountable

Last week, 2ndVote reported on three ways religious liberty is under attack in California. Those who value the freedoms protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution should be particularly concerned with a piece of legislation now before the California Assembly, SB 1146.

“SB 1146 would fundamentally damage a religious school’s ability to self-govern and to maintain its religious identity. This bill would forbid private colleges and universities from authentically serving their students according to their historic charters,” states the California Family Council.

From mandating churches in the state to pay for abortions, to passing bills requiring pregnancy centers to promote abortion, religious liberty is still under attack in the Golden state and SB 1146 is only making the matter worse-this time for the education of our children.

This measure, which has already been passed by the California Senate, contains provisions that would remove legal protections for faith-based colleges and universities that administer their institutions according to their beliefs. SB 1146 bears many similarities to so-called “Bathroom Bills” and other measures that are designed to coerce people of faith to operate their businesses in ways that violate their faith.

According to the organization’s website, Equality California, a liberal LGBT advocacy organization is sponsoring this legislation, and doing so with the help of several major corporations. Last week, we posted a story highlighting the companies and organizations that directly fund Equality California, supermarket chain Walmart being one of the top sponsors.

Today, 2ndVote launched an ACTION page so our members can tell Walmart directly: “Stop funding attacks on religious liberty!”

Please join us by following this link and use the buttons to send Walmart a message on Twitter or Facebook.

With your help, we can tell corporations that we are holding them accountable for their support of the liberal assault on the 1st Amendment.