Score Yourself

Answer these questions to see how you score!

You wake up and need your morning coffee. What are you drinking?

You just got a new phone. Who is your cell phone provider?

You sit down to watch some television. Who is your provider/streaming service?

You need to make a grocery run. Where will you shop?

You want something to drink. What will you have?

You're craving a burger. Where will you go?

You have some projects to do around the house. Where will you buy supplies?

You take your family out for dinner. Where do you go?

You want a new seasonal outfit. Where will you shop?

You need to stop for gas. Where will you fill up?

You're taking a vacation overseas. Who do you book your flights with?

You need some new shoes. What store will you go to?

You need to deposit a check. Which bank will you deposit with?

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