SCOTUS on Virginia; Libs and Corps Forcing LBGT Agenda on Schools

Yesterday, the Supreme Court put a hold on a lower court’s ruling that would have required a Virginia school board to allow students to use bathroom and locker room facilities that don’t correspond to their biological sex. The decision indicates that the case may formally come before the Supreme Court in the next year.

Interestingly, some lawmakers in the State of Virginia have been working to create common-sense standards for policies on these matters that have ignited controversies in cities like Houston and Charlotte in recent years. During the 2016 General Assembly Session, Virginia legislators introduced legislative measures that would have legally defined sex and gender as biological characteristics and limited the use of sex-specific facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms to individuals with the matching anatomical sex in schools and other publicly owned properties.

However, these efforts to rein in the cultural chaos induced by the politics of gender identity that liberals have forced into public discourse stalled in Virginia earlier this year, in part because of LGBT advocacy organizations that have lobbied against these common-sense measures that are designed to address safety concerns.

Equality Virginia is a member of the Equality Federation, a nationwide network of liberal LGBT advocates that have consistently fought religious liberty protections and supported dangerous policies such as the so-called “bathroom bills” in multiple states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Missouri. EqualityVA even stood against a bill to that affirmed the right of pastors and churches to decline to participate in same-sex weddings in Virginia that was passed by the General Assembly, but ultimately vetoed by Governor Terry McAullife.

2ndVote has found that several corporations have helped fund this liberal organization by sponsoring EqualityVA’s annual dinner. Click the links below to see the companies scored in 2ndVote’s database.

EqualityVA’s 13th Annual Commonwealth Dinner Sponsors
Access AIDS Care
Ameriprise Financial (Smith, Powell & Associates)
Capital One
Deadline Digital Printing
Decorum Furniture
Hunton & Williams
LGBTQ Partner Abuse & Sexual Assault Helpline
LIBRE by Nexus
Newport News Shipbuilding
Nexus Services
The LGBT Center of Hampton Roads
Weinstein Properties
Wells Fargo
Williams Mullen