Did You See That NBC Hid A Pro-Kavanaugh Story?

It’s true. Via The Washington Examiner:

NBC News obtained information as early as Sept. 30 suggesting attorney Michael Avenatti had engaged in a conspiracy to defame Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Yet, for more than three weeks, the network said nothing, even as Kavanaugh’s critics cited Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, as proof of the judge’s supposed unworthiness to serve on the Supreme Court.

The basic gist is that NBC — one of America’s most powerful media corporations — sat on critical information which threw one of the Kavanaugh accuser’s claims into doubt. The information? Claims by a woman that liberal attorney Michael Avenatti misled her and twisted her words regarding claims by a client of Avenatti that Kavanaugh was part of a group of gang rapists who regularly spiked drinks.

Their story ran last week, almost three weeks after Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

One of the reporters tried to explain the reason for holding the story, but Twitter responders weren’t letting her get away with it:

As one of the respondents noted, NBC is a news organization. They are supposed to report news — which their story certainly was. Snow’s claim that Senate action made her story newsworthy is ridiculous in light of Avenatti’s alleged presidential ambitions and the scope of the claims against Kavanaugh.

The one good thing about NBC’s lack of ethics is that voters will be reminded of the dishonesty in the attacks on Kavanaugh just before they head to the polls. Be sure to urge your friends and family members to keep liberals’ inaccurate and partisan attacks in mind next week.

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