Shareholders Challenge Intuit’s Board over Support for Planned Parenthood

Shareholders Challenge Intuit’s Board over Support for Planned Parenthood

Conservative activist shareholders from the National Center for Public Policy Research attended last week’s investors meeting at Intuit (2.1 – Lean Liberal), the parent company of popular financial software platforms TurboTax and QuickBooks.

Citing 2ndVote’s research, representatives of the National Center challenged Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi over his company’s financial support for abortion giant Planned Parenthood and anti-religious liberty advocates. National Center’s Justin Danhof submitted the following:

If Intuit wants to spend its investors’ money to fund the abortion industrial complex, it has that right.

However, today we delivered a message loud and clear that support for Planned Parenthood is highly offensive to tens of millions of pro-life Americans, many of whom may choose to boycott the company’s products. And those Americans need to contact Intuit and other corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood if we are going to effectuate real corporate change.

Read Danhof’s complete prepared statement here.

Our research indicates, along with directly funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, Intuit has also supported leftist positions on marriage, religious liberty, and environmental issues.

Furthermore, with tax season fast approaching, we’ve investigated Intuit and TurboTax’s competitors to make sure our subscribers have the best information when it comes to choosing a tax preparation service. H&R Block (1.4 – Liberal), the developer of another popular software platform, also has a troubling record on key issues and has donated to the extremely liberal Center for American Progress. However, Jackson-Hewitt (3 – Neutral) has remained neutral on all the issues we assess.

In support of National Center’s efforts, we need your help holding Intuit accountable for supporting Planned Parenthood’s brutal agenda. Not only does abortion end innocent lives, the industry provides cover for criminal activity such as human trafficking and sexual abuse. Use the link below to tell Intuit’s leadership why you will be using Jackson-Hewitt, or a local provider of tax preparation services, because your dollars will not be used to support abortion’s devastating impact.

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