Hat Trick: Emmys Joins Grammys, Oscars in Ratings Collapse

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: an annual media event is dropping viewers like flies because going full-tilt liberal is bad for business.

First it was the Grammys, then the Oscars, then the Super Bowl. On Monday, as the politics soured, the Emmys hit record-low viewership. has the breakdown:

The show reached virtually identical audiences of 11.4 million each of the last two years, the Nielsen company said.

The decline to 10.21 million continues a troubling trend for televised awards shows. The Oscars audience this year was down 19 percent from 2017 and the Grammys were down 23 percent.

Diminishing interest in television is partly to blame for these numbers, but the fact is that the American people are tired of elites telling us what to do and what to think. Tens of millions of conservatives are tired of seeing their values ignored, mocked, and/or even lied about — and they are leaving the self-absorbed “elites” to pat themselves on the backs.

For some of what was said, check out this Entertainment Weekly article which has the laughable headline of “Emmys hit political hot topics but rarely boiled over”.

  •  Nazi jokes: “The Emmys were first held in 1949 …things were very different back then: We all agreed that Nazis were bad.”
  • Racist jokes: “The only white people who thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.” (Later in the telecast, Che followed this one up with, “Just want to say: Six awards, all white winners, no one’s thanked Jesus yet.”)
  • Joking about sexual assault: “This year the audience is allowed to drink in their seats. Because the one thing Hollywood needs right now is people to lose their inhibitions at a work function.”

Perhaps most offensive was Thandie Newton’s decision to a) deny her belief in God, b) thank a female God, and then c) immediately thereafter swear.

We can’t imagine why Americans are skipping this classy show…