Shop Small, Shop Local This Christmas

One of 2ndVote’s most important goals is holding corporations accountable. We do this through engagement and pro-actively looking for alternatives to those businesses which have completely jumped ship to the left-wing agendas on gun control, abortion, immigration, and more.

We also believe in holding corporations accountable by creating change in your own community. As we highlighted in November, local and small businesses often are engaged members of your community and they are more easily held accountable to your values.

Think about it this way: your dollars mean more to small businesses. The dollar value of those transactions are small compared to overall revenues. Contrast that with small businesses, which often rely heavily on customer loyalty for success and have smaller revenues, lower profit margins, and stiffer competition.

It is also easier to hold small businesses accountable because you often know and trust the owner(s) and employee(s). These owners have kids in your kids’ classes, go to the same movie theaters as you, and see you at church. This is a direct contrast to faceless corporate bureaucrats and executives who have no idea if you exist, and thus are more likely to jump onto liberal bandwagons.

Finally, supporting local and small businesses creates direct competition to the same corporations which 2ndVote shoppers already want to avoid. Since brand-name retailers like Target and Walmart are some of the worst violators of your values, shopping local and small means that you’re creating community-based activism through your shopping that with the support of your fellow 2ndVote shoppers can have a real impact over time.

This Christmas, shop local. Shop small.

Many of our better Christmas alternatives have online retail options and all the items in our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide are linked to vetted online retailers. You can also receive a free copy of this year’s gift guide delivered to your inbox when you sign up for our newsletter below: