Shop With Purpose–Use Your Dollars to Engage Corporations This Christmas

Shop With Purpose–Use Your Dollars to Engage Corporations This Christmas

As the conservative movement’s corporate watchdog, 2ndVote is dedicated to holding companies accountable. We do this through initiatives such as our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide, which provides alternatives for conservative shoppers. We do this by engaging companies directly — telling them about their score, asking them to correct any errors we may have made, and then urging them to change their company habits. Lastly, we provide contact information for every company in our database so that 2ndVote supporters can contact companies to offer praise, criticism, encouragement, and any other constructive message which conservative shoppers deem appropriate.

What we rarely do is use the word “boycott.” This is a word which generally means “avoid a company.” Avoidance is good, but to affect the culture conservatives must do far more than that. We must engage proactively, happily, and with great energy. 2ndVote prides ourselves on providing positive alternatives to many of the bad actor corporations we track because positive engagement is a) more powerful than simply boycotting, and b) provides guidance for pro-active alternative shopping.

For example, many 2ndVote shoppers don’t support Starbucks’ full-tilt embracement of the left’s agenda. So where else should shoppers go for the ever-popular pumpkin spice latte? Rather than leave conservative shoppers in the lurch, 2ndVote recommended Peet’s and Caribou.

The same is true of Amazon. Their growing market dominance in several industries makes them indispensable to many consumers. We think it’s important that 2ndVote shoppers know that avoiding Amazon doesn’t have to increase life’s stress. Instead, we urged consumers to buy at, a neutral company which provides the same online purchase experience as Amazon.

Just as in any other relationship, one cannot simply avoid the bad. We must also engage the good, and provide feedback about the good and the bad. This is as true in corporate shopping relationships as it is in marriage, employment, and competitive sports. And it is the only way conservatives will win back the culture.

Many of our better Christmas alternatives have online retail options and all the items in our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide are linked to vetted online retailers. You can also receive a free copy of this year’s gift guide delivered to your inbox when you sign up for our newsletter below: