Shopping for Halloween Costumes and Supplies? Here Are Some Great Options

Shopping for Halloween Costumes and Supplies? Here Are Some Great Options

With Halloween around the corner, Target is getting all sorts of attention for its costumes, decorations, and candies. Yet the eeriest part of Target’s Halloween offerings are not its masks or bats, but the fact that it still allows men into women’s changing rooms.

It’s up to 2ndVote shoppers to make sure they keep their kids safe and have a great time on the scariest night of the year. 2ndVote recommends the following companies which don’t put politics ahead of customers:

Party City, Family Dollarand Dollar Tree are all exactly neutral on 2ndVote’s issues. They take a stand for serving customers instead of left-wing politics. As more and more corporations use their customers’ money for political activity which is against America’s values and traditions, 2ndVote shoppers should make sure these companies feel appreciated.

Of course, any Halloween retail recommendations can’t leave out Hobby Lobby. This amazing company is hugely popular already, and especially so since it defeated against the Obama administration’s abortifacient/contraception/sterilization mandate. Shopping here lets them know their fight over four years ago is still appreciated.

As Halloween approaches, be sure to shop #AnywhereButTarget to let them know that you haven’t forgotten about their dangerous policies. Your kids’ costumes should be the scariest part of Halloween.

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