Short Film Travels Through Time to Show How ‘Gun-Free Zones’ Fail



A short film featured on shows how ‘gun-free zones’ truly do fail to protect law-abiding citizens.

“No killer is going to walk away because a little sign says he can’t bring a firearm inside,” states Paul Myzia, writer of the Praesidium.

The short film features a man trying to prevent the murder of a woman he loves by using a watch capable of sending him through time. When going back and plastering the scene with gun-free signs fails, he tries leaving a gun for her to use in self-defense. The result? She is no longer the victim.

This flies in the face of the rhetoric from Mom’s Demand Action, an organization tasked with the expulsion of guns has a list of corporations, namely restaurants that have caved to their ‘gun-free zone’ commands.

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