Sign The Petition – Hallmark Shouldn’t Show LGBT “Marriages” To Kids

Sign The Petition – Hallmark Shouldn’t Show LGBT “Marriages” To Kids

Another week, another corporation lost to the “woke” leftist crowd. This time it’s Hallmark’s (2.1) television station, which managed to alienate everyone in the culture wars by accepting a “wedding” ad featuring a lesbian couple…then rejecting the ad…then apologizing for rejecting the ad.

And all this just after the company bowed to activist pressure to feature LGBT propaganda in its movies.

Should we even be surprised at this point? Hallmark officially caved on marriage and religious liberty long ago– it just didn’t make it to the screen until 2019. Chick-fil-A, long considered a corporate bastion for social conservatives, bailed in spectacular fashion. And other corporations can’t get enough of bowing and scraping to the far-left crowd.

Conservatives love to blame leftists for how corporations cave to the new American values of “anything goes unless we say otherwise.” However, the real problem is who we see in the mirror – the people who have allowed the Left to dictate the culture war market.

It’s time for 2ndVote Americans – those who love God, traditional values, and our fellow men and women – to unashamedly show our values. We can start by signing the One Million Moms petition which urges Hallmark to return to being a family-friendly company.

Winning won’t be easy. Traditional Christian and American values are being overrun. 2ndVote Americans have two choices: be the coward Peter who abandoned Christ or be the Peter who bravely led the apostles to victory on Earth and in Heaven. Otherwise, we will find ourselves standing alone one day, wondering how a nation which once proclaimed God on its money now actively persecutes Him and His values.

Yes, it will be hard. Yes, we may lose friends and money. But the biblical martyrs and those who flee persecution in the Middle East have given up far more to gain the Glory of Heaven. We must do the same, for our souls and for the souls of those who without us will be lost here and on Earth.