Six Planned Parenthood Facilities To Shut Down In Indiana

According to LifeSiteNews, six Planned Parenthood facilities within the state of Indiana have made arrangements to close their doors by the end of 2016. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) claims this is best for patients. PPINK President, Betty Cockrum, states:

“While we would much prefer adding locations rather than reducing our number, we recognize that our patients will be better served if we introduce efficiencies that serve our mission best for the long term.” 

What Cockrum means by efficiently serving patients is that her organization will close down its smaller locations and simply send patients to other clinics where abortions are being carried out, like in Indianapolis or Bloomington.

Planned Parenthood attempts to act like they care about their patients, but all they truly think about is their profit…and they profit from aborting innocent babies. That is why we must continue fighting to end corporate support of this appalling organization.

To learn about the companies that help fund Planned Parenthood either directly or through third party groups, visit our resource page here. Remember to keep those businesses in mind as you shop.