Starbucks Isn’t Alone: Straw Panic is Spreading Through Corporate America

Starbucks Isn’t Alone: Straw Panic is Spreading Through Corporate America

Last week, we used Starbucks’ new anti-straw policy to highlight better coffee options for second vote advocates. Little did we know that anti-straw hysteria is spreading through corporate America and internationally.

According to several media reports, the below companies already graded by 2ndVote have taken stands against straws. Some of them did so in other countries; some are doing it domestically. All of them are overreacting, potentially making life more difficult for some disabled people and jumping on a bandwagon which was created by a nine-year old who made up a number after calling a few straw companies.

We’re serious. Major corporate policies are based upon a nine-year old’s phone calls. Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have likewise implemented ban policies.

The hysteria abounds because of a third-grader using what we have to guess is Common Core math to say 500 million straws are used each day in America. As The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh mockingly noted this week, issues such as drugs on city streets must be made secondary to straw prevention — or, at least, that seems to be the message from San Francisco and Seattle. Per Walsh:

Many cities and corporations are following suit. Another city in California will now hand out possible jail sentences to straw dealers. 15 seconds ago nobody worried about straws. Now there is a straw crisis and an anti-straw movement to answer it. Ordinances are being passed. Laws are being written. Hashtags are being hashtagged. Celebrities are recording PSAs. Straws are a scourge on the Earth, it has been decided randomly. And who could dispute this assessment? After all, Americans use 500 MILLION STRAWS A DAY.

Likewise, it seems as though corporations have solved all other corporate practices which affect the environment. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines must have found the perfect renewable fuel! Likewise, Disney must have discovered how to run all of those rides without using oil to keep them running. Marriott and Hilton have clearly found a way to recycle every bit of trash from their guests and — like the airlines — found the perfect renewable oil for thousands of airport shuttles. The new McDonald’s kiosks have to use no electricity, right?

And we can’t forget to praise Carnival Cruises for ensuring none of its boats ever run over a single aquatic animal or leak any waste into the water. One hundred percent sustainability, indeed!

Like Walsh, we are mocking. What’s not so humorous is that these policies are just another example of knee-jerk leftism being adopted by major corporations. Please tell them to stop at the links below:

American Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Carnival Cruises
Marriott International

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