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Child Abuse Cover-Ups Haven’t Stopped Starbucks’ Funding of Planned Parenthood

Last week, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said he was unaware of his company’s financial support for Planned Parenthood. As 2ndVote research shows, the company matches employee donations to America’s largest abortion company.

That’s pretty bad. Like dozens of other companies, Starbucks is sending a message that Planned Parenthood’s life-ending policies are in the same society-improving, charitable category as service organizations like Catholic Charities, pro-life pregnancy resource centers, and non-profit educational organizations. (And 2ndVote!)

What’s even worse is that Johnson and Starbucks continue to fund Planned Parenthood despite Live Action’s video series showing that Planned Parenthood centers across the country engage in cover-ups of sexual abuse. Live Action’s shocking reports are just the latest in a line of evidence showing that this is a regular practice at the organization. Even public officials have busted some of the cover-ups.

If Starbucks wants to truly embrace equality for all, it must forego funding Planned Parenthood. An organization which ends innocent life, covers up the abuse of women and children, and focuses heavily on targeting minorities for its deadly services is deserving of nothing less than complete separation.

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