Starbucks “Unity” Cup Release Causes Quite The Stir

During the Christmas season, Starbucks typically releases their holiday-inspired cups, promoting their famous red version to customers. However, this year the company has introduced what appears to be a “teaser” cup, choosing a green background with a variety of faces sketched together to signify unity. As CEO Howard Schultz put it:

“[S]tarbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values…”  

We all may need a reminder of the “shared values” Starbucks is referencing. The company supports liberal causes and organizations on every issue which we score. For instance, the business prohibits law-abiding gun owners from carrying weapons into their stores; it serves as an HRC corporate sponsor (HRC is the country’s largest supporter of same-sex marriage and opponent to religious liberty); and Starbucks matches gifts directly to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion provider. This barely touches the surface of Starbucks’ corporate advocacy; visit their scorepage here to learn more.

As it turns out, the “unity” cup, designed to bring people together, is actually creating quite a divisive scene. Customers have left a variety of comments on social media, with some accusing the company of putting its foot where it does not belong. One mention read:

“@Starbucks how did the holiday spirit become a political agenda?”

Again, check out Starbucks liberal score and remember that we all have the ability to vote with our dollar this Christmas season and always.