Super Bowl Ratings Take Another Hit

Viewership for Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII dropped to the lowest level the NFL’s marquee event has experienced since 2008. According to, Sunday’s total audience was 5% lower than in 2018’s game which saw a drop of 7% from the previous year.

The news is most certainly a gut-punch for league brass as plummeting viewer ratings appeared to stabilize over the 2018 season. In 2017, season viewership dropped 10% due in large part to fans turning off their televisions in disgust with the national anthem protests. Higher ratings in this year’s conference championship games suggested the bleeding may have stopped, or at least that fewer protests and less coverage of the protests was a factor.

However, the sentiments expressed by 2ndVote subscribers last week may reflect the general public’s consensus that the NFL has as lot of ground to recover before many fans return. Here are some of the responses to our post last week when we asked if our readers planned on watching the Super Bowl:

I haven’t watched an NFL game in two years. Nothing has changed as far as I’m concerned. It’s still a game played by spoiled and self-absorbed men, led by spoiled and self-absorbed owners and management. I’ve found much more productive ways to spend my time. It has been liberating. I highly recommend turning off the NFL and turning on to family and self-improvement.


I was an NFL fan for decades…. but haven’t watched a single game for 2 years now. Why would I watch (and support) a bunch of millionaires who use their money and influence to hurt America. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.


I quit watching 2 season ago when the protests started and I haven’t given the NFL another minute of my time and none of my money and never will. I hope the league goes under (which I doubt, too many ignorant people) and the spoiled millionaires have to get a real job.

We really appreciate hearing these comments from the 2ndVote movement. Sunday night’s viewership numbers show these sentiments are reflected by many—in fact, millions—more across the county. And, the NFL certainly feels the impact. We can be sure the advertisers are realizing their investments are not getting the return they paid for and the NFL is going to have to make serious decisions: get its act together or face revenue losses as advertisers lose patience.

Add your comment below to let us know: What sport or league is earning your viewership and are you rewarding their sponsors with your shopping dollars?

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