Support Small Businesses On #SmallBusinessSaturday!

Small businesses are the backbone of America. They are also the best place for 2ndVote consumers to shop. As the media pushes buying from left-wing corporations, 2ndVote urges you to consider supporting small businesses over corporations which a) don’t care about your values, and b) aren’t productive members of your community.

From an economic standpoint, your dollars mean more to small businesses. One person’s boycott of an international corporation is a worthy stand – but a person’s boycott of a small business may mean a significant amount of lost revenue. Likewise, an entire movement can influence a small business much more easily than it can affect a corporation.

Second, it is small businesses which are most often run by the people you know and trust. These owners go to your church and their kids go to school with yours. Contrast this with faceless corporate bureaucrats and executives who put the dollar above America’s – and your – values.

Third, by going to small businesses you take money away from corporations. You essentially invest your money in your community.

Fourth, all movements start locally. Influencing your town or city is a great way to get your state and – eventually – the nation to once again support American values.

Finally…Small Business Saturday was launched by American Express. They are among the worst companies when it comes to 2ndVote values. How amazing would it be to have 2ndVote consumers infiltrate and overtake this corporate holiday by using it as a way to turn Americans toward our values?

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