Survey Reveals That Religion Is Number One Reason Parents Want School Choice

As this world moves in a more secular direction, parents fear the moral compass leading the youth of today. Accordingly, school choice is an option that parents both want and deserve when it comes to the education of their children.

A recent survey conducted by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice reveals that the number one reason parents choose a particular school over another is for a religious environment. The next reason being better academics followed by a lack of instruction over morals/character/values.

Over 2,000 parents were asked how satisfied or not that they were with their child’s school, and an overwhelming 81 percent were indeed satisfied with their current situation. According to the “Why Parents Choose” survey:

“[P]arents participating in school voucher programs are systematically more satisfied when they are given the opportunity to choose a school outside of their assigned neighborhood school.”

As this nation faces an intense religious liberty battle, it is now more imperative than ever that school choice remain an option. Between bathroom confusion and the implementation of Common Core being forced in public school systems across the United States, it is no surprise that parents are seeking better options for their children.

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