Target. Expect More Leftism. Pay Less When You Shop Somewhere Else.

Target. Expect More Leftism. Pay Less When You Shop Somewhere Else.

For the last week, 2ndVote has been urging conservative Christmas shoppers to avoid giving your money to corporate retailers who put left-wing advocacy over serving their customers. We’ve encouraged buying at Ace Hardware instead of Home Depot, using instead of Best Buy and Amazon, and avoiding Walmart by patronizing small, locally owned busines instead.

Today’s corporate target is…well, Target. One of the worst actors on our list of 800 companies should always be on the naughty list for conservative shoppers.

Target’s activism follows the left-wing agenda in almost every one of 2ndVote’s seven categories. They folded to the Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action by banning lawfully owned weapons on Target properties. They are a sponsor of the National Urban League and a contributor to YWCA, both of which oppose Stand Your Ground laws. On marriage, they support a slew of LGBT advocacy groups and received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for creating a corporate structure which favors LGBT activism. And on immigration, Target is a corporate sponsor of two advocates for sanctuary cities, and contributes to the former La Raza group UnidosUS.

All of this brings us to Target’s attacks on religious liberty. Their corporate support for Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT advocacy groups was just their first offense. Remember when they they told girls and women that they’d have to share bathrooms and changing rooms with boys and men? They’ve never retracted this dangerous policy and attack on privacy rights, especially the rights of those who have survived sexual assault.

Instead, Target continues to prioritize the radical LGBT agenda over common sense, safety, and, most importantly, your values.

Fortunately, better alternatives DO exist and we’ve collected some of the best retail options from our database for your Christmas shopping. We’ve also vetted this year’s hottest gifts, and the retailers where these items can be purchased in our 2018 Christmas Guide which you can download for free by signing up below.


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