Target Stocks Tumble Due to Bleak Christmas Season Forecast

Target Corporation stock price fell over 9% early Wednesday morning after the company reported 3rd quarter 2017 earnings.

The latest earnings report could indicate the retail giant is struggling to gain foot traffic in its stores. 3rd quarter 2017 comparable sales increased 0.9% from the previous year. However, according to Target’s report, “comparable digital sales contributed 0.8 percentage points to comparable sales growth.” For reference, comparable sales from the 3rd quarter 2016 declined 0.2%, which accounted for an increase of 0.7 percentage points from comparable digital sales.

What does this all mean in regards to foot traffic? Essentially, Target’s comparable sales numbers appear buoyed by some growth in digital sales. Furthermore, in-store sales have not recovered from a disastrous 2016 when millions decided to shop #AnywhereButTARGET after Target publicly advertised men could use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms based on how they feel, not biological sex. Not surprisingly, customers would rather not physically go to retail locations that create such an unsafe environment.

Remember, Target made the bathroom announcement in the midst of North Carolina’s HB-2 debate over the very same issue in order to pander to the LGBT left. The American Family Association’s #BoycottTarget petition earned over 1.5 million signatures in response and Target has been reeling financially ever since. Sales last Christmas shopping season, dropped 4.3% and Target’s leadership went so far as to pass the blame for the bathroom policy to communications staff by claiming CEO Brian Cornell had never signed off.

Wednesday’s earnings report forecasted lower profits for the upcoming Christmas shopping season, which is critical to retail’s bottom line, and led to Wednesday morning’s devastating stock collapse.

This Christmas, we’ll continue shopping #AnywhereButTARGET because, despite the hits to the bottom line, Target still stands by the controversial policy that puts its very own customers at risk.

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  • John

    I drive by Target’s flagship first store in Roseville MN every day on my way to other vendors. Haven’t been in since they implemented their dangerous policy. Don’t miss them at all! #AnywhereButTarget

    • PatriotGal

      We used to be weekly shoppers at Target, no more. Haven;t been in since they implemented their horrific policy. #NEVERTARGET

  • Mac

    Please stop spreading false information. it defeats our purpose. Targets stock price actually increased by 9%.

    • Robert Matthews

      Uhhhh, your link is from a year ago. Make sure to check your sources, otherwise you will continue to be the one spreading false information.

    • MLipenk

      Target stock was $78 Nov. 25th 2016. Nov. 17, 2017 Target stock is at $54. Where is this supposed “false information”??? I’m not buying anything at Target, and I wouldn’t buy their stock either.

  • Ted Crawford

    Target has exercised their right to target (no pun intended) the demographic of the sexually deviant. I, in kind, have exercised my right to shop elsewhere. No problem!

  • antiliberal00

    Karma is a btch but some executives never learn.

  • ladywarrior

    It’s not just Target…..Marshall’s also allows men in women’s restrooms….I asked at the desk if they allowed men in the women’s restrooms and changing rooms. They said, yes. Haven’t been back in there since. Target has already had a number of “men” perverts taking photos of women in changing rooms….also several incidences of men reaching under stall doors and taking pictures of little girls going to the restroom…..You have to ask at the desks or cash register when you go in all these stores because some allow it without advertising.

    • leahanne61

      Thank you.I did not know this about Marshalls.Lets spread the word and BOYCOTT them too.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Seems that Ross completes the trio so far with Marshall’s and Target. AFA and 2ndVote need to investigate and add them to the boycott list.

  • kcir321

    I will never shop at Target again ,let their perverts support the stores

  • JD

    A company that puts its customers at risk deserves crapping sales and profits. Unfortunately, it is the stockholders that are suffering as the stock price plummets. The leadership of the company are still raking in the dough.


  • Spectrum
  • MLipenk

    My entire family has avoided the store hostile to my family’s beliefs… that folks with XY chromosomes are MEN and that people with XX chromosomes are WOMEN. To quote Hillary Clinton on her campaign trail: “I actually believe in science.” I couldn’t agree more, Hillary! Oh… she wasn’t talking about REAL science???

  • glenbo

    Internet sales are the cause of falling sales for many retailers.
    Not because of Christians bigotry and hate.