Target’s Sales Slammed 4th Quarter in a Row

The Target Corporation released its first quarter 2017 earnings statement and reported a drop in comparable sales for the fourth consecutive quarter.

Since Target’s announcement in April of 2016 welcoming men to use women’s restrooms and fitting rooms based on how they feel, the retail giant has been unable to stem the loss of customers who would rather not do business with a company that has aggressively promoted the liberal agenda. It appears that conservative movements like the American Family Associations’s #BoycottTarget campaign, 2ndVote’s #AnywhereButTARGET, and many others have staying power and customers are simply turning to alternative options for their shopping dollars.

An article in The Wall Street Journal last month explained how Target’s leadership has been unable to undo the damage and suggests that CEO Brian Cornell has never had the situation under control:

Mr. Cornell, 58 years old, expressed frustration about how the bathroom policy was publicized, and told colleagues he wouldn’t have approved the decision to flaunt it, these people said. Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash was self-inflicted, he told staff. Now, it was too late to reverse course.

“You can’t take it back,” said one of these people, adding that Mr. Cornell “felt very stuck.”

The latest quarterly earnings report showed a 1.3% decrease in comparable sales from 2016 citing “declines in both traffic and basket size.” These declines seem to fall in line with an earlier statement by Cornell that blaming a poor Christmas season performance on “unexpected softness in our stores.”

2ndVote’s Executive Director Lance Wray issued a statement addressing Target’s woes:

Target’s financial support for liberal organizations like the Human Rights Campaign shows they care more about the LGBT movement’s political goals than they do about their investors or customers. However, Target’s dismal sales numbers are evidence that customers would rather do business with companies that do not promote the left’s radical agenda.

Indeed, our research indicates Target is one of the most liberal companies in the country having supported LGBT activist groups like HRC, the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and GLAAD. And Target’s advocacy isn’t limited to sexual orientation and gender identity politics; Target helps fund liberal policy positions on immigration, the 2nd Amendment, and even environmental issues.

At the end of the day, Target’s past twelve months should be a warning for any company aligned with the activist left. Conservatives are showing they don’t want their shopping dollars to end up funding an agenda that doesn’t match their values.

Read 2ndVote’s statement on Target’s Q1 2017 earnings report here.

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  • Paul Raymond

    Not to defend Target so much, but I’ve got your lists plus loads of my own. Google, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Disney, Facebook, Walmart, etc are FAR more liberal than Target.

    • windywillows357

      That may be true… But none of them shove the queer is here in your face like Target.
      AND allow men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms.

      • Cynthia

        Facebook has added a new like button.
        Its the “Gay Pride” button. So, right there, center stage for every user is the Gay Pride symble.
        OF course that won’t be used against anyone for not clicking it……………………right??

        • windywillows357

          I have no idea, since I don’t do Facebook.

    • James Moe Morency

      don’t forget Starbucks

      • Angelo G

        What is Starbucks?

    • Randy Cullinan

      Don’t forget the Kellogs does not want our business either. Make them HURT.

  • We The People

    “Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash was
    self-inflicted, he told staff. Now, it was too late to reverse course.” You lost me FOREVER. We will teach ALL of you major corporations that you don’t f*ck with us. Who’s next to self-inflict?

  • Rex Reed

    As one liberal poster stated, “The bottom line is that Target’s profits are up 8%. It doesn’t matter how many shoppers they lose”. They are increasing profit by closing stores and firing employees. So while their profits are up, their sales are down. Now do you get it? Economics 101.

    • Barry

      That being the case the CEO should be quiet and let the chips fall. I’m not buying it, but we will all see the truth in the end.

  • Paul Auger

    Where can find the numbers the show the reported drop in comparable sales for the fourth consecutive quarter?
    I find it interesting that you cite data without a source

  • sleeper48

    I’m not “boycotting” Target, I just don’t shop there anymore because I don’t feel comfortable doing so.

  • Rebecca

    Like so many other political big mouths. Their rhetoric is misguided. No problem having a strong position about an issue. Just don’t assume it’s what everyone else ascribes to. Target, the NFL, many movie stars, Colin Kaepernick, University of Missouri. You could go on and on. I don’t watch awards shows anymore, I dont ship at Nordstrom or Target. No NFL. No Starbucks. I won’t support businesses that think they need to tell me how to live my life and think. Just sell your product. It isn’t working for you.

  • OC21

    Target actively advertises itself as a family store. Whoever thought that allowing transgender people to use the restroom or changing room of their choice and their base be damned should be fired immediately.

    • Mike

      yet these same types would denigrate and destroy a real family business like Chick-Fil-A which has never discriminated against anybody.

  • grandmatofour

    Unintended consequences, but consequences nevertheless. I haven’t been inside any Target in more than two years and do not plan to again. They lost me as a customer forever.

  • truthful

    I sincerely miss the experience of shopping at Target, but won’t be bullied into the belief that it’s okay for a man to be in the next bathroom stall with only a partial, flimsy wall between us.

    • Grateful

      I used to love Target, too! I actually used an “all-gender” bathroom once, in California where I live. I felt profoundly uncomfortable and unsafe. Now Trader Joe’s has them, too! I now spend my $800 a month at a small, local, health food grocery store and feel safe doing so.

  • Mike

    he says: “expressed frustration about how the bathroom policy was publicized, and told colleagues he wouldn’t have approved the decision to flaunt it.” in reality he is saying strongly supported the unpopular policy and would have hid the unpopular policy from public. nothing changed.

  • Bill Bush

    Liberals NEVER think anything thru, they just wanna “feel good”

  • Syberlink

    I could fix their sales in a week. Say we are sorry that this idiot CEO does not care about all Americans and we do. We want men in the mens bathrooms, women in the women’s bathrooms and if you have mental illness use the family bathrooms or go before you get here. We will no longer make policies based on the .01 percent of America who live in there parents home and have nothing else to do but complain and get offended. We will treat everyone the same based on proven science, not feelings. We are sorry, please come back and lets us prove to you we have changed.

  • George6112

    There are a number of companies I don’t do business with, seldom do business with, do business with less than 50% of the time, etc. Target is a don’t do business with for only a couple of years. McDs is a don’t do business with since the ’80s. Seldom do business with AE or P&G either. Starbucks? buy 50 cent coffee for $5? Hahahahahaha. Never. But that’s because my IQ is over 100.

  • Angelo G

    If Target were the only place that sold food I would rather go hungry.
    Buy your stuff at a local small business or a store that does not tout a liberal agenda.