Our Team

Research Team

With a combined forty years of experience, across various disciplines such as academic research, journalism, political science, data science, artificial intelligence systems, and nonprofit administration, the 2ndVote research team is dedicated to giving Americans the information they need to align their dollars with their values. We are located primarily in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, and structure our work such that each team member is subject matter expert on one of our key issues. We also bring unique experiences – personal and professional – that enhance our capabilities in corporate socio-political activist research and analysis.
The research team works hard to leverage their skills and knowledge in order to develop methodologies, interpret data, and produce scores that 2ndVote shoppers can rely on, and trust to reflect their Judeo-Christian values. With a keen focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis, 2ndVote Research aims to map out the world of corporate philanthropy and activism, while also keeping tabs on leftist agendas across various sectors.
We spend our days digging into the detailed data, documents, and sourced intelligence on the many corporations and nonprofit organizations we score. Check out the How We Score page for more on the elements of our findings.

Marketing & Outreach Team

The 2ndVote Marketing Team operates with the sole purpose of providing our loyal Subscribers and Investment Council Members with the latest 2ndVote information, sharing industry news, and communicating scores and research findings that our Research Team has worked hard to cultivate. Our team works thoughtfully and consciously to uphold 2ndVote’s mission, brand, values, and standard of research in all communication efforts that we utilize. By maintaining a clear and defined mission and brand, our team can creatively conduct campaign management across all communication channels, create impactful marketing materials, and produce efficient internal communications.