Tech Firm Basecamp Puts Business Over Divisive Behavior, But Bows to Pressure {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

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Tech Firm Basecamp Puts Business Over Divisive Behavior, But Bows to Pressure {Issue: Basic Freedoms}

In a sane world, asking your employees and colleagues to focus on work and customer satisfaction in the workplace would be considered normal. The software developer Basecamp set this expectation for their office in late April when they announced a new policy requesting that employees not discuss controversial issues on the company-wide communication platforms. 

It was a brave decision. In today’s world, focusing on customers and shareholders – or even choosing to not engage in cultural warfare against traditional American values –can incite an angry social media mob. Basecamp took a lot of criticism, and some of its employees announced resignations. The company let them go and even provided a severance package. It seems that company leadership decided that employees who force their personal agendas into the workplace were a liability anyway. 

Basecamp isn’t the first tech firm to make a public statement about putting customer value ahead of leftist cultural values. A few months ago, the cryptocurrency processor Coinbase announced a similar policy. Even in deeply liberal Silicon Valley, companies are realizing that they need to do what they do best – provide quality service and products. 

2ndVote applauds Basecamp for focusing on business. Unfortunately, the company faltered last week after some of its disgruntled employees threw a fit during a conference call. When Ryan Singer, the head of strategy at Basecamp, pushed back on claims that the company and society as a whole had a “white supremacist culture,” an employee attacked him for being a “white male.” Shortly afterward, company leadership suspended Singer and placed him under investigation. In response, Singer resigned. The company lost a dedicated employee who likely supported putting work before personal grievances – and failed to live up to its new commitment to place customer needs first. 

So, one cheer for Basecamp trying to do the right thing. But firing a top employee for standing up to other staff members who pushed leftist values is unacceptable. 2ndVote encourages values-driven consumers to let Basecamp know that they did the right thing the first time and that they should stick to their principles if they want your dollars to be spent on their products.