Tell Bank of America & General Electric: Stop Funding Big Abortion’s Attacks On Pro-Life Centers

Tell Bank of America & General Electric: Stop Funding Big Abortion’s Attacks On Pro-Life Centers

Pro-life pregnancy resource centers won an enormous victory at the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. The pro-abortion left — especially NARAL — convinced California lawmakers that forcing these centers to refer for state-funded abortions was sound public policy.

The Supreme Court disagreed:

“The licensed notice is a content-based regulation. By compelling petitioners to speak a particular message, it ‘alters the content of [their] speech,’ Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the Court’s decision.  “For example, one of the state sponsored services that the licensed notice requires petitioners to advertise is abortion—the very practice that petitioners are devoted to opposing.”

What is a pro-life pregnancy resource center? They are generally small non-profits with little money but lots of love and volunteers. Most of them don’t take government money, unlike Planned Parenthood. And unlike abortion profiteers, pro-life centers have nothing to do with abortion or contraception. They provide tremendous help to women in crisis pregnancies — such as counseling, ultrasounds, diapers, clothes, educational support, maternity care and housing, and even adoption assistance.

None of this was good for Big Abortion. They don’t want competition to their deadly business. Regretfully, many corporations are backing what has been a years-long national campaign to shut down pro-life centers.

Two prominent examples are General Electric and Bank of America. As 2ndVote research shows, these companies back not only Planned Parenthood — America’s biggest abortion company — but also NARAL, which wrote California’s law targeting pro-life centers. And they stand behind the work of the Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal group which pushes abortion throughout the world.

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The Center for Reproductive Rights was not pleased with yesterday’s ruling. We urge you to use your second vote dollars to let their corporate backers — seen in their entirety below — know that it is unacceptable for their money to support an organization which is so dedicated to killing the unborn that it refuses to allow women the choice of pro-life.


Center For Reproductive Rights Corporate Supporters

Autodesk Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
BNSF Railway Foundation
Electronic Arts Outreach
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Hulu, Inc
McGraw-Hill Companies Employee Giving Campaigns
NVIDIA Employee Giving Program
Penguin Random House
PG&E Corporation
Red Hat Matching
TPC Global
U.S. Cellular