Tell Starbucks to Stop Jumping the Shark to Support the Left

Tell Starbucks to Stop Jumping the Shark to Support the Left

Starbucks (1.14) is the Left’s favorite restaurant. Chock full of far-left corporate “values” which are completely opposed to America’s traditions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Starbucks has seen no problem ignoring its right-of-center and apolitical markets. 

You can let Starbucks know how displeased you are on March 18. That’s when the company has its annual shareholder meeting. If you had stock in the company as of January 10, 2020, or know someone who does, here are four messages which Starbucks needs to know:

1. Starbucks backs racism by standing with Planned Parenthood. Most of America’s abortions are done to black babies and mothers – and while killing black babies may not be Planned Parenthood’s (1)  goal, it certainly is the result. Planned Parenthood also protects sex abusers.

  1. Starbucks is never going to win over the Left. Remember when a single allegedly racist incident caused ALL of the coffee company’s stores to close for racial bias training? It was absurd, but Starbucks caved more quickly than even we expected.
  2. Starbucks absurdly joined other left-leaning corporations and cities by banning straws to fight climate change. Instead of serving customers, Starbucks served up another cave to the left – one which will hurt its disabled customers, as Reason pointed out.
  3. Starbucks should return to its roots as a coffee company. Unless they do so, 2ndVote Americans will take their business to Starbucks’ competitors, such as Dutch Bros. Coffee (3.29) or Peet’s Coffee & Tea (3).

Keep up the great work, everyone!