Texas Judge Stops Obama Bathroom Directive on the First Day of School



According to, a Texas federal court judge has put a halt on the enforcement of President Obama’s bathroom directive. Further, Texas Values reported that, “Texas Attorney General ken Paxton’s team appeared in court two weeks ago to request a preliminary injunction, a temporary stop to the enforcement of the Obama administration’s dangerous school guidelines.”

Texas is among 13 states leading a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s bathroom directive, making the grand total of 23 states now suing the administration over the controversial policy.

Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney of Texas Values, released the following statement:

“When parents send their children to school today, they can focus on education and rest assured that their privacy and safety is protected. We are thankful that Texans are leading the way to defend the safety and privacy of Texas students as they go back to school.”

Last month, the Fort Worth Independent School District reversed its policy after uproar from parents and citizens alike, claiming victory for the fight against such an outrageous bathroom directive. Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton issued a statement today that included, “I applaud the Fort Worth Independent School District for revising its guidelines to ensure it complies with state law and my recent attorney general opinion.”
2ndVote will continue to follow developments as they pertain to the Obama administration’s bathroom directive.