Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping for Conservatives

Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping for Conservatives

Are you shopping for Thanksgiving groceries this week?

Fox News reports that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the week to shop for Thanksgiving groceries:

Stores will be busy, with hordes of people who forgot that their favorite stuffing recipe calls for chicken broth, or foolishly thought that the one pack of butter would be enough. But the busiest Turkey Day shopping day of them all is not the day before Thanksgiving, but the day before that: Tuesday.

2ndVote wants to help you make this Thanksgiving meal the best one yet. Not only because of the delicious food, but also because you can rest assured knowing that you shopped with your values in mind. Using our research, you can make your 2ndVote count by shopping at stores such as Food City, Aldi, Schnucks, or your local grocery store for all your Thanksgiving dinner needs.

Did you know that Walmart contributes to organizations that oppose our 2nd Amendment freedoms? Or that Publix contributes to several organizations that support abortion? Wouldn’t it be difficult to sit around the table and talk to your family members about everything you are thankful for, while also knowing that the meal you’re enjoying helped ensure that an unborn baby won’t have the opportunity to be thankful for anything? We think it would be, which is why we want to make sure you are aware of what your shopping dollars are funding.

This Thanksgiving make sure that you don’t violate your conservative values by shopping at grocery stores such as Walmart or Publix. By shopping at Food City, Aldi, Schnucks, or your local grocery store, you can rest assured that your Thanksgiving meal won’t be supporting a cause that you would never support otherwise.


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