Thanksgiving Shopping Advice for Conservatives

Thanksgiving Shopping Advice for Conservatives

In 10 days, most Americans will be with family. You’ll eat turkey and stuffing, and enjoy the biggest travel holiday of the year.

But, over the next week, many families will be heading out to pick up the supplies and ingredients needed to pull off a big Thanksgiving feast. That’s why we want conservatives to know what companies are the best options for your values this time of year.

Pots, pans and utensils have a habit of disappearing from the pantry, so when you take inventory make sure to consider the options at Bed Bath & Beyond. By choosing this neutral alternative, you’ll avoid funding the left-wing agenda at “big box” type retailers like Target and Walmart.

Of course, the most important item on any Thanksgiving table is the turkey! Our research has found Butterball is a neutral company making a great choice for your meal’s centerpiece.

For other ingredients, we recommend Smucker’s brands for making all the delicious accompaniments. While Smucker’s is known for it’s jams and jellies, they also make White Lily Flour, Crisco (for pie crusts!), and the Pillsbury line of grocery products.

The best part about all of these groups is that they focus most heavily not on politics. Their attention is on serving you, the customer. Another company that you might consider is Hormel, which is a supporter of The Salvation Army, an organization that recognizes the inherent value of unborn life. However, Hormel has also earned a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s index meaning they have capitulated to the left on marriage and religious liberty.

We also recommend Aldi and Food City as your go-to grocery stores for purchasing all things Thanksgiving. They work hard to provide for you, not the latest left-wing agenda item.

It is 2ndVote’s great hope that all Americans will have a great Thanksgiving. Be sure to let your liberal family members know that they’re eating 2ndVote values, too!

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