The 2018 2ndVote Back-To-School Shopping Guide

The 2018 2ndVote Back-To-School Shopping Guide

Twenty-nine million homes will spend an estimated $27.6 billion dollars getting kids ready for school this year.

For 2ndVote parents, back-to-school shopping isn’t just about the deals or the name brands. It’s also about spending money at companies which have your values — companies which stand for traditional American ideals related to life, marriage, religious liberty, the environment, the Second Amendment, and immigration.

2ndVote has compiled the below list of popular back-to-school companies and their 2ndVote rankings. Some, like Hobby Lobby, Hanes, and Overstock, scored quite well due to their support for America’s ideals. Conversely, Walmart, Apple, and Nordstrom fared poorly, while companies like Radio Shack avoid controversy and simply focus on providing products and services to customers.

Please let us know in the comments if this list was helpful to you, and if you have any other information to add so that other parents can make the best choice for their 2ndVote back-to-school shopping!

School Supplies
Hobby Lobby – 5
Family Dollar – 3
Michaels – 3
Office Depot- 2.1
OfficeMax – 2.1
Staples – 2.1
Walmart – 1.3

Hanes – 4
Dillard’s- 3
Eddie Bauer- 3
Lands’ End – 3
Foot Locker – 3
Under Armour – 2.9
Belk – 2.9
Kohl’s – 2.6
JCPenney – 2.3
L.L. Bean – 2.3
Macy’s – 2.1
Nordstrom – 1.9

RadioShack – 3
LG Electronics – 3
Best Buy – 2
Microsoft -1
Apple – 1

Dorm Room Decor/Furniture – 4 (Save 15% off dorm room furniture)
Bed Bath & Beyond – 3 (20% off entire purchase for College students)

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