The Company Contrast – Hanes

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The Company Contrast – Hanes

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that either score well or score poorly and then try to provide alternatives that either better align with the 2ndVote values or should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is Hanes (3.86)

Hanes is an American clothing retailer that specializes in comfort and loungewear and undergarments. Whether you need new boxer briefs or are looking for some workout clothes, Hanes has a reputation for comfortable clothing. Even better, you can shop knowing your purchase isn’t loaded with unwanted activism. Through partnerships with The Salvation Army as well as regular support for Christian Universities, Hanes scores exceptionally well on the 2ndVote issues of Life, 1st Amendment, and Marriage, and scores neutrally on everything else, earning them a better than average overall score. 

On the other hand, competitors Fruit of the Loom (2.43) and Calvin Klein (2.43), both fall short and should be avoided. Although both companies earned equal overall scores, they differ slightly on the issues they advocate for. Each clothing company holds partnerships with organizations that support the Paris Climate agreement and thus receive low marks on the Environment. However, Fruit of the Loom scores poorly on the 1st Amendment due to opposition to RFRA legislation while Calvin Klein scores poorly on Life due to their parent company’s support for Planned Parenthood. Either way, these companies will have to change their ways before earning your patronage. 

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