The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits – ACLU

Navigating the Nonprofits

The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits – ACLU

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies or organizations that either score well or score poorly.  We then try to provide alternatives that better align with the 2ndVote values. Now we’d like to expand into nonprofits. This series is called The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits, and the charitable organizations we will be focusing on this week are the ACLU (1.29) and the CATO Institute (3.86).

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonprofit organization that claims to be one of the forefront advocates for preserving liberty as it is guaranteed by the Constitution. Although their early history held up to that claim, the ACLU has evolved into a tool of liberal activism. By way of official organization policies and issue positions, the ACLU earns poor scores on all issues but the Environment. Despite their claims of protecting Constitutional rights, their stances on the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment, in particular, are expressly contrary to religious freedom and the individual right to bear arms and armor.

On the other hand, the CATO Institute is a self-proclaimed libertarian think-tank that truly stands for individual liberties, limited government, and free markets. Their official stances on the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, Education, and Environment earns them high marks on each issue. Particularly on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, the CATO Institute advocates for the advancement and protection of both religious liberties and the individual right to bear arms. While no information was found on the issues of Life and Border Security, the CATO Institute is not perfect and did once speak out in agreement with the Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) ruling that federally legalized same-sex marriage.

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