The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits – Everytown For Gun Safety {Issue: 2nd Amendment}

Navigating the Nonprofits

The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits – Everytown For Gun Safety {Issue: 2nd Amendment}

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies or organizations that either score well or score poorly.  We then try to provide alternatives that better align with the 2ndVote values. We’ve now expanded into nonprofits. This series is called The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits, and the charitable organizations we will be focusing on this week are Everytown For Gun Safety (2.67) & Firearms Policy Coalition (3.33).

Founded by known leftist Mike Bloomberg, and parent organization to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Everytown For Gun Safety is one of the leading gun-control advocacy organizations in the country. Their efforts include lobbying legislators at local, state, and national levels as well as campaigning or advocating for the most prolific anti-gun candidates in elections at all levels across the country. Policies that they advocate for include universal gun registration, “assault weapon” bans, repeal of Stand Your Ground laws, and Red Flag laws that, depending on the state, allow the judiciary to order law enforcement to confiscate an individual’s firearms via “no-knock” raids, based on anonymous claims of imminent “danger”. These points plainly grant Everytown the lowest possible score on 2nd Amendment.

Fortunately, there are organizations like the Firearms Policy Coalition that are fighting tooth and nail for our 2nd Amendment rights. The FPC is a grassroots organization that goes to great lengths to educate and inform people of their 2nd Amendment rights as well as keep them in the loop as far as the most threatening anti-gun legislation across the country, no matter if it’s a state or federal bill. Furthermore, the FPC has a full-time legal staff that files lawsuits and handles litigation in order to challenge these harmful bills. In a time where the NRA’s dedication to the 2nd Amendment and its members is in constant question, the FPC is taking the lead, earning them the highest marks on the issue of 2nd Amendment.

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