The Company Contrast – Pizza Hut

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at a popular company that scores poorly on the 2ndVote scoring system, and then provides some better alternatives for you to easily align your shopping dollars with your values. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is Pizza Hut (2- lean liberal).

Pizza Hut is a restaurant and pizza delivery chain owned by Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands also own restaurants like Taco Bell and KFC. Even though Pizza Hut is a popular place to grab a pizza, eating there undermines your values based on their continuous support of the leftist agenda.

Pizza Hut scores a 2 on 2ndVote’s scoring system because of its contribution to the National Urban League, which supports same-sex marriage and the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Pizza Hut also contributes to different organizations that are pro-choice. To see all of the reasons Pizza Hut scores so poorly, you can click on their company page here.

Fortunately, when you need to purchase a pizza, but don’t want to sacrifice your conservative views, there are better alternatives out there. Papa John’s and Little Caesars are great restaurants to eat at without sacrificing your values. The companies neutral stance on issues and commitment to its customers is why 2ndVote has deemed it a better alternative to Pizza Hut.