The Company Contrast – PureTalk USA

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The Company Contrast – PureTalk USA

Each week 2ndVote focuses on a high-scoring company to offer to you as an alternative to more popular lower-scoring ones that don’t align with 2ndVote values and should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is PureTalk USA (4.00)

PureTalk USA is an American mobile network provider based in Covington, Georgia that not only offers affordable phone plans with a reliable network but does so without compromising your most important values. On top of that, PureTalk USA’s customer service is entirely based in the United States which makes a big difference for many of their customers. Through partnerships with the Conservative advocacy group, AMAC, PureTalk USA demonstrates support for traditional American values and earns very positive scores across all seven of the 2ndVote key issues! 

Phone services to avoid are well known and include the big names like Verizon (1.43), AT&T (1.29), and T-Mobile (1.71). All three brands are known to support liberal advocacy, with the most commonly supported agendas being abortion, and sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. AT&T and Verizon in particular score extremely poorly on all seven 2ndVote key issues while T-Mobile scores poorly on all issues but Education and Environment.

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