The Daily Caller: Homeschooling Criticized Because of Christianity

A recent article by The Daily Caller demonstrates how liberals have long attacked Christian education, but the left-leaning progressives have now decided that homeschooling is the new evil due to the fact that the majority of children receiving school from home come from Christian families.

The article suggests that if homeschooling was not so associated with Christian parents, no one would have a problem with the practice, stating:

“Would anyone fret on public record about whether children were being “exposed to constitutional values,” as the article also does, if they were being home-schooled by members of, or the ACLU, or Friends of the Earth?”

The double standard society places on Christians is displayed in this case and many more. In order to keep families of faith in a safe place in terms of education, school choice remains an integral piece of the puzzle. Organizations and companies that oppose homeschooling are opposing educational choice and, in effect, opposing real solutions for parents with children trapped in failing schools.

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