The Dog Days of Summer Are Ahead: Which Soft Drink Is Right For Your Second Vote?

The Dog Days of Summer Are Ahead: Which Soft Drink Is Right For Your Second Vote?

Choosing the right soda is always tough. For most Americans, taste is the most important factor. At 2ndVote, we care just as much about what soda companies do with the money we send their way.
Our research shows that two of America’s three biggest soft drink companies are on the wrong side of history when it comes to education, gun rights, protecting women and the unborn from abortion, religious liberty, immigration, and the environment.

Pepsi – 1.3

More than just a soft drink manufacturer, you may currently send your second vote dollars to PepsiCo because of its Frito-Lay and Quaker Oats products, as well as its flagship Pepsi soft drink. However, you should know that by supporting PepsiCo, your second vote is backing Common Core, sanctuary cities, attacks on religious liberty, and redefining marriage. And PepsiCo remains a corporate supporter of Planned Parenthood’s abortion business!

PepsiCo’s full 2ndVote ranking is here. We urge you to take a look before supporting them with your dollars this summer.

Coca-Cola – 1

Nothing is more American than Coca-Cola, right? Great taste and all of that. But this summer, drinking Coca-Cola Company brands — Powerade, Dasani, and Sprite, among others — may not taste as good as they did last year. Your second vote dollars support leftist positions on all the issues.

However, Coca-Cola is one company that has discontinued its financial relationship with Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Which may be a good reason to reach out to this company and encourage them to become neutral on all the issues.

Dr. Pepper/Snapple – 3

The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group owns dozens of brands, including Sunkist, 7 Up, A&W Root Beer, and more. At 2ndVote, we find Dr. Pepper has the best record on the issues of the of the top three American manufacturers. Known for its unique taste, Dr. Pepper makes a great alternative to Coke and Pepsi, and sister brand Snapple makes a great alternative for those who prefer tea or fruit juice over a soda.

National Beverage Corporation – 3

Nothing tastes as good as knowing you can have a cold drink without worrying about your second vote dollars being used against your values. A relative newcomer to 2ndVote’s database, we have found the National Beverage Corporation — producer of LaCroix, Spree, Rip It, and other beverages — does get involved in controversial. In an era when many corporations are so willing to throw your second vote dollars behind immoral and destructive public policies, National Beverage Corporation’s decision to stay on target by serving great drinks brings two cheers from 2ndVote!

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