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The Gates Foundation: No Intention Of Backing Away From Common Core

Bill and Melinda Gates have largely funded Common Core and its implementations since the program began. The power couple has recently admitted to the program’s failures, and yet, they have zero intention of giving up on Common Core. In fact, Melinda Gates claims, “We’re not even close to finished.”

Knowing that the Gates, with all their means and power, are going to back a failing educational program that many parents and teachers oppose is scary. While The Gates Foundation says that it wants to be the “neutral broker” in terms of bettering the situation, the foundation still wants to pursue its own agenda. As stated in a Washington Post article, that “includes supporting the Common Core standards.”

It is imperative as a nation, which views education as one of the most important issueswe face, that we continue fighting policies and standards that we do not agree with. Common Core (and any issue for that matter) is not going to disappear on its own. We have to demand change.

Corporations are supported each day by our dollars, and they are aiding in funding educational standards such as Common Core. It is necessary to hold these businesses accountable. Click here to see a list of major names who have financially supported and/or directly advocated for the implementation of Common Core. To learn where all corporations scored by 2ndVote stand on education issues, click here.