The Good in Men: A Man of Conviction

The Good in Men: A Man of Conviction

2ndVote readers have sent in some great personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read the collection we’ve put together and share these stories as we work to correct misleading notion that masculinity is somehow “toxic.”

At the end of this project, 2ndVote gifting an Égard watch (3 – Neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

Joshua in Florida writes:

A father is a provider. Provisions go beyond the materialistic culture of constant consumerism due to the influence of Edward Berneys, the nephew of Sigmund Freud upon PR & advertising in the early 1920’s. I say that to say this: my ultimate father is Yahweh (YHWH), the Creator of all things both of the seen world and the unseen one. He has entrusted me to be raised by an earthly father who has always worked with an honest hand towards all he has worked for or done business with. Though the same has not been done by past employers.

See before he started work (years ago now), he told his employer that because of his convictions didn’t want or feel comfortable working on Sundays to which they told him that would be fine with them. However ,when other employees complained about the prior arrangement, his boss called him in and said he’d have to work on Sundays from then on if he wanted to keep his job there. Of course, the easiest way to handle it would have been to capitulate knowing that he was the sole income for this family at that time. He told his boss that his convictions hadn’t changed and that they weren’t going to change, so if they had to let him go or fire him, then that’s what they’d have to do. Knowing that ultimately he’d have to give an account to God, and if he went back on what he previously said to his bosses, then that would be lying.

The national corporation fired him all because he was a man of conviction. Yahshua (Jesus in the Greek) never said the Christians journey was going to be one of ease; in fact, he said the opposite. Yet he will never leave us nor forsake us; meaning, He’ll make a way through our wildernesses. There’s always another job out there or better yet, a business you can start for yourself. Yet, if you compromise on one conviction you’ve compromised on them all. As Yahshua said, if you keep all the Commandments but break one it’s as if you’ve broken them all.

My father went to Brazil as the son of Christian missionaries in the early 1970s and one day, while everyone was busy working around the homestead along a tributary of the Amazon River, his two year old brother drowned. I believe he holds himself responsible though his dad was the from what I understand was the one supposed to be watching him when it occurred. From time to time my dad still cries about it and my grandma too. I know it is sad, yet I know I’ve got an uncle in Heaven.

My dad has helped many people out cause he’s good at fixing mechanical issues so he’s taught me that too. Put in more get out more. Works are as important as faith. While I could write more I don’t wanna take up to much of you all folks time who’ve gotta read all of these entries, so thank you 2ndVote for this opportunity to show a little honor to our earthly fathers on behalf of our Heavenly Father. And thank you for taking a stand for men, fathers and values worth defending. May Yahshua bless your sincere efforts in His name, amen.

Thank you, Joshua, for your contribution. For more information on this project, click here.

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