The Good in Men: A Protector, a Role Model and My Best Friend

The Good in Men: A Protector, a Role Model and My Best Friend

2ndVote readers have sent in some great personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read the collection we’ve put together and share these stories as we work to correct misleading notion that masculinity is somehow “toxic.”

In honor of the men who embody the values we celebrate, 2ndVote gifting an Égard watch (3 – Neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

Kathryn in New Mexico writes:

My husband Chris is a real man. He is the eldest of nine children, raised by a father and mother who valued family. His dad was always involved in the kids’ lives, being a Boy Scout master for many years. 

When we began having children, Chris was working out of town several days a week. Yet when he was home, he spent countless hours reading to, playing with and working with our four children. He has always been a protector, a role model and my best friend.

When he came back to church, he spent every Saturday working on the expansion of the church and hall.

He is my support and protector and gave our children a strong work ethic and a good moral compass. We have three sons and all are real men and our daughter married a real guy as well.

We need to empower our boys and young men to be kind, godly individuals who use their strength to lead, guide and love with strength but not with bravado. We need them to be manly but not mean; strong but not bullies. I’m blessed to have a man who has the positive characteristics of a true man.

Thank you, Kathryn, for your contribution. For more information on this project, click here.

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