The Good in Men: A Simple Act of Love

Dad Tickling Daughter

The Good in Men: A Simple Act of Love

2ndVote readers are sending in their personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read about these real men and the impact they have had on their family and community. In honor of these men, we’ll be gifting an Égard watch (3.00-neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

Joni H. writes:

When I was a kid, for several years my dad had a long drive through traffic to get to work at the Pentagon each day and then return home. Therefore, his weekends were a precious time for him. He loved to work outside in the yard in his garden and on other projects.

A couple of times a month, on Saturday a.m. he would need to drive to the nearest base to pick up hardware supplies and other stuff for the house. My two sisters were older than me and busy with activities, but I was generally around with not much to do. He would always ask me if I wanted to go with him just for the drive and to hang out.

He could have used that time as the chance for some solitude after a full week. I probably would have! But he showed me he valued my company by asking, every week if I wanted to come along. I’m not at all into hardware stores but I never thought of saying no because it was time with my dad!

I’m so grateful for that simple act of love on his part that made me feel loved and worth having around.

Jonie H

Thank you, Joni, for your contribution!