The Good in Men: Adoption Day

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The Good in Men: Adoption Day

2ndVote readers are sending in their personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read about these real men and the impact they have had on their family and community. In honor of these men, we’ll be gifting an Égard watch (3.00-neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

David A. writes:

In a secluded and beautiful valley nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest, there is a tiny cemetery with a tinier grave plot the placard reading “Date of Birth May 24, 2010.  Date of Death May 24, 2010.”  

Immediate family members had huddled together there commemorating the same day of life and death beneath the graveside canopy upon which the rain had begun to fall.   

Hardly is there greater grief the heart of a young couple can know than the loss of one that they – and us, the baby’s grandparents and all drawn in from the rain there that day – never had the opportunity to but briefly hold. 

A year later our son and daughter-in-law would become an instant family with the adoption of a baby boy before he was even born, and foster three-year-old twins, a boy, and a girl.  All showed up on their doorstep – with love notes in hand – at nearly the same time.   

Eventually, the temporarily-placed foster-care twins would move on but another toddler, also by way of foster care, would take their place, the court one day officially to make him a permanent playmate to what would become three boys, the last a biological – and miracle – baby brother.   

There’s an ancient proverb that reads: “A house is built by wisdom and by understanding it is entirely put in good order.  And the inner chambers are filled by knowledge with every possession, honor and delight.”  

More than one commentator suggested that what is referenced here is less bricks and mortar and more the family itself, especially the children described as “rare and beautiful treasures.” 

To have a caring, loving, father in their life – like our three grandsons do – who sets boundaries; shows by example how to successfully navigate life’s challenges; and best of all demonstrates what it means to love his wife – that’s our son.

Thank you, David, for your contribution!