The Good in Men: Caring For His Mother Taught Him Compassion as a Father

Father and Baby Girl Hands

The Good in Men: Caring For His Mother Taught Him Compassion as a Father

2ndVote readers are sending in their personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read about these real men and the impact they have had on their family and community. In honor of these men, we’ll be gifting an Égard watch (3.00-neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

Ted B. writes:

My son Robby’s second child, Katerina (Nina), was born with only one operating kidney. After two months when Nina’s fever was high, the doctor said her kidney was malfunctioning, so she needed an operation, but she was too young.

Robby works for our ministry so the income is low, but he and his wonderful wife, Taylor, rushed Nina to UCLA, an hour and a half away, where the doctors attempted an operation. As a ministry employee, Robby does not have insurance. Fortunately, he is in a group that tries to help each other with medical expenses.

Now, Nina is several years older and has had several crises, but Robby and Taylor have always sacrificed to give her a great life, and she is a wonderful grandchild.

As background, my wife has been on chemo infusions and drugs for 23 years. Years ago, when Robby was in an elite high school on a deep ministry discount, he would help drive my wife to UCLA. While the other Hollywood high youth were making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Robby said to me that he did not indulge in the normal Hollywood high shenanigans because he wanted to take care of his mom.

So, he learned compassion, a great character trait for anyone.

Thank you, Ted, for your contribution!