The Good in Men: In Sickness and In Health

The Good in Men: In Sickness and In Health

2ndVote readers are sending in their personal stories about “the good in men.” Please be sure to read about these real men and the impact they have had on their family and community. In honor of these men, we’ll be gifting an Égard watch (3.00-neutral) to a deserving man selected from these stories this Father’s Day.

Jennifer D. writes:

This past May 10th, my dad experienced the passing of his wife of 40 years. Though it has been sad for him, I trust and pray he has peace because he fought for her life for the past five years as a man of dedication and honor. You see, my stepmom had advanced liver disease five years ago and was put on the liver transplant list. For two years my dad went to every appointment and supported her in all of the complexities of care related to liver disease and getting on the transplant list. Finally, when the call came, my dad was right there while his wife was given a new liver.

After the transplant, life went back to normal except for one thing, my dad and stepmom wanted to give back and honor the life of the donor and the family so they embarked together to start a fund to support family members of transplant patients with assistance and education and transplant recipients with resources to help during the whole transplant process including a lounge and resource center in the university hospital where she had received her liver.

For the past three years, they were a dynamic duo, speaking at multiple engagements, being on television and in the newspaper and hosting an annual golf outing all to raise money for the fund, Dragonfly Transplant Fund, and also awareness about organ donation. They were unstoppable and as many can attest, made a significant impact of raising awareness about organ donation.

While continuing their many engagements, they also kept up with doctor’s appointments and the necessary medical care my stepmom needed to stay healthy.

Last October, she was diagnosed with diabetes and my dad once again took on the role of care provider and being the support during the extra challenge of diabetes.

Then sadly, the next month, November of 2019, the sad news came that she indeed had pancreatic cancer. Though it was devastating to them both, they both agreed to fight because that is who they are. Their bond grew even stronger and my dad was there, right next to my stepmom the entire process and helped with home care and going to the added multiple doctor visits and testing and lab work.

Until the end, they fought together and I watched my dad give everything he had to keep his wife as strong and well as she could be.

Watching them both, and especially my dad over these last five years has inspired me and given me a deep appreciation of what true love and manhood looks like, especially “in sickness and in health, til death do us part.”

I’m proud of my dad and so thankful for his sacrifice and example to our family’s future generations

Thank you, Jennifer, for your contribution!