The Good in Men: It’s 3am

The Good in Men: It’s 3am

One of our readers recently sent this contribution about her husband’s care for their daughters. We invite you to join this project and tell us the story about a man of significance in your life so we can show what do for their families and communities and push back against the misleading notion perpetuated by the left that masculinity is somehow “toxic.”

For Father’s Day, 2ndVote will be gifting an Égard watch (3 – Neutral) to a deserving man, so we encourage you to add your story here.

Mae in California writes:

It’s 3am and my newborn daughter is crying for the millionth time. On the verge of tears myself, I brace myself to get up, yet again, to try and comfort her. My husband has to go to work in a few hours, and we agreed I would take the night shift. To my surprise and relief, my husband is up and walking toward the bassinet. Without a word he takes the baby and rocks her, wipes away her tears, suctions her nose, talks to her. I tell him I’ll be up, but he says he’s got it.

After a demanding day executing lesson plans, running around his school filling in here and there, grading assignments, meetings, he comes home. I know he is tired, but he is all smiles as our toddler bombards him with questions and begs him to play. I tell her that daddy will play after dinner, but he still takes the time to look at her newest lego creations and watch her twirl in her princess dress. At the end of the night, he patiently listens to me as he washes the dishes.

He says himself, yes he’s tired after work and looks forward to weekends and vacation time, but being husband and father always comes first – and you never take a break from that.

Thank you, Mae, for this contribution.

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