The Good in Men: Made in the Image of God

The Good in Men: Made in the Image of God

We are receiving a lot of great stories from our readers honoring the fathers, sons, brothers, and others who have exemplified “the good in men.” Please be sure to tell us the story about a man of significance in your life and together we will correct the misleading notion perpetuated by the left that masculinity is somehow “toxic.”

We will continue posting a selection of these contributions and gifting an Égard watch (3 – Neutral) to a deserving man this Father’s Day.

Rebecca in Indiana writes:

My husband and father to our 8 sons is a man who is made in the image of God, seeking to do His good will in this world. He loves me and our sons unconditionally. Every decision he makes is made with his family’s best interest in mind, not himself. People often ask us how we make it with 8 boys in today’s economy. It is because my husband has always sacrificed his wants to make sure to provide for us and has worked hard so I can be a keeper of our home.

He always finds time to pour more of himself into each of us no matter how exhausted he might be from the work that he takes on to provide for us. He has modeled to our sons an amazing work ethic by always working hard, never giving up and never settling for less than 100%. But his true strength is in knowing that our provision comes from God alone, and that is where he puts his trust.

He is a great example to our sons. Healthy competition has always been something that they have enjoyed together. He never lets them win. When they do, they know they have finally worked hard and earned “the win” against him. He encourages them to pursue who they are and who God created each of them to be. He helps each one realize their goals and work towards those goals while becoming independent of his desires for them. Selfless love is a great description for him!

Four of the eight boys are young men on their own now. We have a professional race car driver, a police officer, a carpenter, and a mail carrier. Most important, we have men who have good character and hearts for the Lord, who are still growing and seeking the right way. They learned under a man who is created in the image of God, and who is seeking to do His good will in this world.

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