The Miracle Continues: 365 Days of 2ndVote GunCam Shows No Evidence of a Gun Committing a Crime

The Miracle Continues: 365 Days of 2ndVote GunCam Shows No Evidence of a Gun Committing a Crime

Can you believe it?

After 365 days of careful, around-the-clock scrutiny, our 2ndVote GunCam experiment has not produced any observable evidence that a watched gun will move, load, fire, or harm anyone on its own. See for yourself!

Last week, we reminded you to watch closely as we counted the final days to the 1-year mark of our groundbreaking study. We know everyone was nervous, and watching with baited breath. But we can now proudly celebrate!

And what a relief! We are grateful to our supporters for being part of this harrowing journey.

As researchers, we know it will take more than a single year of observation to convince some corporations to support the Second Amendment. Enterprise, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and other companies are running scared from left-wing ideologues who appear to believe guns are sentient beings that can kill at will.

Other companies realize the truth about guns. They are only dangerous when wielded carelessly or with harmful intent by third parties, as our study proves. And they are frequently used in self-defense.

We know you want to ensure corporations support the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. Will you help us continue this experiment continue to keep watch for the next 365 days with your donation? Only with your support can all Americans keep the constitutional right which protects all of the others.

Help us continue developing the content and research that conservatives are using to hold corporations for their activism by becoming a 2ndVote Member today!

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