The Mixed Bag Series- Patriot Mobile

The Mixed Bag Series- Patriot Mobile

At 2ndVote, we strongly believe in the power of shopping with your values. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest series, The Mixed Bag. Through this series, we highlight companies categorized as good, bad, or neutral, empowering you to make informed decisions as a conscious consumer. Join us on this conscious consumerism journey, and let’s make a positive impact together.




Discover Patriot Mobile (4.91), an exceptional mobile service provider that demands your attention and exploration. With origins dating back to 2013, Patriot Mobile was born when a group of like-minded individuals, inspired by the desire for a more principled alternative, decided to create their own mobile service. Patriot Mobile stands out as an ethical and dependable choice for your mobile needs, providing reliable nationwide coverage, a commitment to supporting conservative values, and exceptional U.S.-based customer support. By choosing Patriot Mobile, you can rest assured that your mobile service supports causes aligned with your beliefs and helps promote the values you hold dear. Switching to Patriot Mobile allows you to move away from your current “woke” mobile provider and support a company that shares your principles. Based on our research, they score exceptionally well on each of the six issues we assess, with five of them receiving a perfect 5.00 score. Their unwavering dedication to conservative values and support for organizations promoting freedom of speech, religious freedoms, Second Amendment rights, and the needs of first responders and veterans make it a formidable competitor in the mobile phone industry. Experience the freedom of communication without compromising your values. Make the switch to Patriot Mobile and be part of a network that stands for what you believe in. Supporting Patriot Mobile and switching your mobile service plan to them is a great choice. Don’t forget to use code 2NDVOTE for a complimentary activation on our exclusive link here, resulting in a valuable one-time savings of $30, or by calling 972-PATRIOT and use promo code 2NDVOTE.


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